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Better co-parenting, happier kids.

OurFamilyWizard is a secure communication platform that supports divorced or separated parents in managing the daily responsibilities of raising children in separate homes. Specialised features help co-parents organise routines, share files and photos, track expenses, document contact exchanges, send messages, and more—all while thoroughly documenting their activity. These tools are built to empower co-parents to mitigate issues on their own without returning to court.

Solicitors and other legal practitioners use OurFamilyWizard to monitor client activity and prepare documentation for court purposes. OurFamilyWizard is frequently recommended and included in parenting agreements and has been ordered by Judges across the United Kingdom.

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OFW Digital Resource Kit

OurFamilyWizard is built to support your essential work with families. Use this digital resource kit to quickly access our most frequently requested resources such as our fee waiver application and draft order language.

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OFW for families

OFW for Families

On OFW, parents have equal access to all features, allowing them to keep each other as well as other family members informed of parenting schedules, upcoming plans and other important family information. Timestamps on activity ensure that everyone is working with accurate information.

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OFW Professional Access

OFW Professional Access

Solicitors, barristers and other legal practitioners use OFW Professional Access to review client activity, send them messages with private file attachments and generate printable reports. Professional Access is always free, and practitioners can link to as many clients or families as needed.

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OFW Support for Healthy Messaging

Support for Healthy Messaging

As parents compose new messages, ToneMeter™ highlights emotionally-charged phrases, alerts the parent of how that language may be perceived by recipients and gives them a chance to rephrase their tone before sending.

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Special Offer

Legal and mental health practitioners in the United Kingdom are eligible to receive complimentary one-year subscriptions for the parents of the first family they recommend to use OurFamilyWizard. To redeem this offer, contact James Evans at [email protected].