World Cancer Research Fund

World Cancer Research Fund

Every day in the UK around 1,100 people will hear the words, ‘you have cancer’. Over 400 of these people could have avoided this life changing diagnosis if they’d had access to the right information and made simple everyday changes to their diet, weight and physical activity. We are passionate about wanting to change this, so that fewer people get preventable cancers.

Working with cancer prevention experts around the world we fund innovative scientific research into the complex links between nutrition, physical activity and cancer. Translating the findings into comprehensive cancer prevention advice that’s up to date and relevant to all stages of a person’s life. Through our health education and advice programmes, work with health professionals, practical tools and easy-to-understand information, we empower people to reduce their risk of cancer and help those with a diagnosis live healthier longer lives.

We receive no UK government funding so our work is only possible through peoples’ generosity, especially from gifts in wills.

Those including gifts to support our ongoing research and work are making a memorable contribution to cancer prevention and survival – Helping give their loved ones and future generations the power to prevent and survive cancer in the years ahead



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Medical Research

WCRF funds cutting-edge research to give people the practical tools and information they need to help prevent — and survive — cancer
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World Cancer Research Fund

3rd December 2020

”I know from experience that we take our health so much for granted, but without it we have nothing. WCRF offer free, evidence-based advice and following it may be one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.”

Nikki Bednall, cancer survivor

“Including a gift to World Cancer Research Fund in my will was such a positive thing to do. I think their research and education work is vital to human wellbeing. I’m happy to know that even after I’m gone, I can still do something about a better future for everyone.”

Ruth Penny, breast cancer survivor