The Solicitors’ Charity

The Solicitors’ Charity

We aim to make a permanent impact and positive change to the lives of the people who ask us for help. Often it’s the little things that make a big difference, and our financial support ensures those small problems don’t snowball into life-changing issues. We also offer targeted support beyond financial aid alone, signposting those with complex needs, including mental health, housing or reskilling towards our trusted partners.

Our board is made up of solicitors from across the profession and they oversee and target the work of our brilliant team. Together we work to ensure every solicitor, from any background, can access help and support, when they need it most. We work in a highly personalised, non-judgemental way, taking time to understand each situation before making proactive and positive interventions as well as life-long support.

A big part of The Solicitors’ Charity are our wonderful volunteers. Solicitors from across the UK who give time to champion the cause, raise money and deliver peer to peer guidance and support to solicitors in need of help. The most important thing to take from reading this is if you know of a solicitor who’s struggling, please tell them to get in touch - we can help.



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The Solicitors’ Charity

30th April 2021

The Solicitors’ Charity has been supporting solicitors in crisis since 1858. When times are hard, we provide financial, emotional and practical support.