The Peace Museum

The Peace Museum

The Peace Museum is the only museum in the UK dedicated to the history and untold stories of peace, peacemakers and the peace movement. Our work includes creating new exhibitions, educational outreach and promoting community cohesion. We use our collection of over 7000 objects to inspire people to see peacemaking as an active endeavour.



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The Peace Museum is the only museum in the UK dedicated to peace.
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The Peace Museum

18th June 2021

The Peace Museum is an almost unknown national treasure. Peace work does not hit headlines but here, in one place, there is rich evidence of so much hard work over so many years by so many people working for a fairer and less violent world. Make your visit a 2016 priority.

Bruce Kent Vice-President of CND

There are many museums dedicated to war, very few to peace. The Peace Museum is not just a vital resource but also a vital reminder of the individuals who dedicate their lives to the idea that we must never give up on finding a peaceful answer to the problems the world faces.

Will Ellsworth-Jones Journalist and Author of We Will Not Fight

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